Types of Bucket Trucks

Bucket trucks are used in many different industries and by companies of all sizes. They’re commonly used in forestry departments to conduct services such as utility maintenance and tree trimming. If you work in such an industry and need to buy a bucket truck, there are a few types available to consider. It is important to understand the types of trucks and which is best for your needs before you buy. Also, most people buy used forestry trucks because of the massive price difference. Perhaps you should do the same.

used forestry trucks

A bucket truck is a work truck that has a bucket on it, best known as a boom that expands to heights and locations that you couldn’t reach using a ladder. Most trucks have two engines under the hood. One powers the engine during driving and the other powers the hydraulic system that operates the boom. It is essential to choose the right boom truck to ensure safety and efficiency of the job.

The boom truck crane is the most commonly used type of truck. It works in the same way as a crane. A boom winch is also available. This is mounted into the bed of a utility truck. The forestry truck, on the other hand, is made a bit differently than the boom truck. In addition to the boom, these trucks have a cover that prevents limbs from falling on the cab. Most also include a rigging control system that helps lower heavy loads more safely.

Many manufacturers produce each type of boom/bucket truck listed here. Don’t rush to make the purchase of a truck, no matter how urgent the need. Take the time to browse the options and understand your needs so you’re not wasting money on a truck that doesn’t meet your needs.